Performance, comfort and personalization is in every product.

Advancements in technology in the past several years have dramatically improved hearing aid devices. Each and every hearing device we fit is engineered to deliver optimal performance specific to our patient’s unique needs and lifestyle.

Dr. Holt’s love of technology led her to create her own proprietary hearing diagnostic software but it also led her to a unique understanding; how to insure that she is always able to offer her patients the most technological advanced equipment in the industry.  Her understanding of technology allows her to stay ahead of the advancements in the audiology field so that her patients get the benefits of all technology has to offer.


Hearing Aid Styles

The perfect fusion of today’s leading research, advanced science, innovative technology and cutting-edge design – each and every hearing solution we fit is engineered to deliver optimal performance specific to your unique needs and lifestyle.


Mild-to-Severe hearing loss


Moderate-to-severe hearing loss


Mild-to-moderate hearing loss
In-The-Canal Hearing Aid


Mild-to-mildly severe hearing loss

In-The-Ear hearing aids


Mild-to-severe hearing loss
Invisible hearing aids

Invisible Products

Mild-to-moderate hearing loss

Have a Smart Phone? Want to Hear Your TV Better?

Now you have the same opportunities to connect, interact and engage as everyone else!

Many hearing aids are made with software for iPhones and smart phones, which means they connect with your devices to make your hearing aids work like Bluetooth stereo headphones. This can even work with your TV so you don’t have to worry about hearing the dialog.


Your Hearing is Vital to Living Life to the Fullest!

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